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Kingsgate School, Camden

Temporary Structures | Transportation
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The Kingsgate Development, is a new Primary School and Apartment Complex, constructed along Liddell Road, London Borough of Camden. The site has a boundary with the Thameslink Line, along which a sheet pile retaining wall is being constructed in close proximity to OLE and track infrastructure. Design ID were commissioned in November 2015 to undertake the roles of Construction Engineering Manager (CEM) and Contractors Responsible Engineer (CRE) for the project with further responsibility to CAT3 check all design and temporary works aspects which could impact upon Network Rail Infrastructure. The project included CFA piling and a CLT Building. Design ID provided Project Management services to enable the multi disciplinary Design & Construction Team to meet tight project deadlines, ensuring approval of all F002 / F003 design information and RAMS with Network Rail Asset Protection Engineers.

Client: Graham Construction

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