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Design has developed into a multidisciplinary which stretches beyond the traditional Structural and Civil Engineering.

From the inception of Design ID, Structural Engineering has been at the heart of the company with the focus on creativity and a can do attitude. Since then the team has grown, but the core values remain and new team members can be assured of a varied and rewarding career.

Structural Engineering

As creative structural engineers, we collaborate closely with architects to develop structural systems that not only meet the functional requirements but also enhance the visual appeal and architectural vision of the project. We strive to create structures that are visually striking, innovative, and expressive.

Some aspects of Structural Engineering Include:

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Structural Inspections
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • SER Certification


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Our Civil Engineering team is built on a strong foundation of technical knowledge that includes understanding the principles of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water resources, and other relevant disciplines.

Civil Engineering

We often face complex challenges and problems that require analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities and are adept at breaking down problems, analysing data, and developing practical and innovative solutions. We communicate our ideas, plans, and designs to various stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, contractors, and Statutory Bodies.

Thinking creatively and seeking innovative approaches help us develop efficient and cost-effective solutions. Improved outcomes can be achieved by embracing new technologies and exploring alternative designs.

We have extensive experience is start to finish projects, working across Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Education sectors we fulfil all aspects of the build from planning input, site due diligence, flood risk, drainage, TAF, utilities coordination, drainage, earthworks, roads, highways and site handover. 


Conservation Engineering

As well as being a part of Structural Engineering, Conservation Engineering deserves a mention in its own right.  We are passionate about the conservation and preservation of the historic built environment. Fortunately, we often have the opportunity to work with buildings and structures of considerable historical, cultural and social value, and appreciate the responsibility that this brings.


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Modular Construction

Modular construction allows for increased efficiency in both layout and materials with the improved quality of offsite construction in controlled environments.

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Featured Project

Basildon University Hospital

Sustainability Consulting

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