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Product Delivery

Our team bridges construction and digital worlds to deliver products and solutions that address user needs and achieve set goals. We have covered a wide range of products and technological solutions that range from parametric software solutions to custom applications. 

We work with you to identify your challenge and take an idea / solution through design and development and deployment / launch. We are advocates of lowering the barrier to entry for all and have successfully implemented complex scripts into Project Teams without scripting experience.

Technology Exploration

We stay the forefront of new technological advancement and explore and incorporate solutions that deliver value to the AEC industry. These include: 

  • Application development such as our Asset Survey and Inspection Application for iOS devices to assist with data capture.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) products and bespoke dashboards to communicate complex technical aspects in a more human centric medium.
  • Leveraging data science / ML & AI to improve quality assurance and assist with prediction of design and project management parameters based on previous experience.
  • As well as the above products we are familiar with existing AEC tech products being offered and developed that can address your needs along with our expertise whiteout reinventing the wheel.

Climate Action

We are committed to tackling the collective global climate emergency given that the AEC industry is estimated to account for 20-40% of all global annual Carbon Emissions.

We strongly believe innovation through the development of new solutions and digital tools has a key part to play in overcoming this collective challenge and achieving 2050 goals.

We have developed digital solutions such as EC Communicator to empower clients, collaborators and projects to make climate informed decisions.

We use digital tools to provide real time EC estimations on projects as well as continually seeking efficiencies in material volumes to generate large savings not only in CO2e but also in clients’ budgets.

Climate Support

We have developed workflows to assess, report, communicate projects embodied Carbon footprint. We have leverage our digital tools to enhance the carbon saving and reduce a number of projects.

We are approachable and here to discuss your carbon queries, from EPD’s to ECF’s no question is too small and we are happy to discuss what 2050 targets mean for your business / projects and happy to help with a roadmap to targets

Collaboration is a key requirement whether via open source data sharing or idea exploration as an industry.

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Drive to Collaborate

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We advocate partnerships with clients, collaborators, contractors, local authorities, digital agencies and experts to nurture knowledge exchange, diversity, idea exploration.

Collaborations range from data analysis with contractors to design automations / studies with architects / designers.

We aspire to contribute to solving industry challenges such as addressing labour shortages and supply chain challenges together with contractors and clients via our innovation team and our position as consulting engineering firm.

Emerging Innovations

We also incorporate other emerging innovations such as:​

  • Application development for communication of technical studies and site surveys in a clear and simplified manner for clients and collaborators to consume​. Such products include our Asset Survey and Inspection Application for iOS devices to improve efficiency and accuracy of Civil and Structural surveys as well as automation of reporting.
  • Design and delivery of interactive AR / VR content for sculptural projects, to communicate the digital design journey via QR codes / smartphones to members of the public in a powerful and new interactive easily accessible medium.​
DID Parametric Design

MMC Innovation

To compliment Design ID’s extensive experience with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) we have developed ‘Bay Builder’, which uses technology to assist with our Design & Documentation of MMC projects.

Bay Builder unlocks a circular design process to a high level of detail / data whilst still facilitating an iterative design journey within modular projects Whether it is as MMC Advisor’s or MMC detailed design and construction support.

Given our Civil & Structural input on MMC projects, we are continuing to push the boundaries with respect to multi-discos disciplinary potential in a digital realm, delivering in a joined up solution / approach to C&S engineering for your MMC project.

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Featured Project

Dinton Activity Centre

Design ID were appointed to undertake the design of the activity centre substructure, sports hall superstructure, new footbridge and two level external timber terrace for the first net zero carbon (operational energy use) building for Wokingham Council, supporting the Council’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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Research & Development

We are continually refining our modular process and exploring new possibilities such as site surveys, new design solutions and materials.

We have a strong history of testing of materials and utilising novel structural health monitoring and testing regimes to overcome engineering challenges.