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University College London - Kathleen Lonsdale

Refurbishment | Education
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Built in 1915, this substantial Grade II listed, five storey building on Gower Place has been completely refurbished to create high quality, academic space for various departments within the UCL Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences. The completion of this project has also resulted in the co-location of the entire Earth Sciences Department for the first time in the University’s history. The building interior, which over the years had only isolated areas of modification, has been transformed to provide specialist laboratories, teaching rooms, research facilities and offices,supported by areas for socialising and group working. Accessibility and wayfinding issues have also been addressed and spaces rationalised to make them work more effectively, thus enhancing both the staff and student experience. Unique scientific research carried out within the building necessitated technically complex briefs for several spaces, which were challenging to implement within the context of the listed building. Wherever possible, the original spaces and features have been restored. The main period staircase has been sensitively repaired and glazed bricks in the large post-doctorate research space have been revealed, acting as a reminder of the building’s history within which the new contemporary interior sits. A key aspect has been the integration of the new building services within the context of the listed building. Although generally exposed, they are carefully integrated with the lighting and sit semi-concealed behind a ceiling plane of hung acoustic panels.

Client: Graham Construction

Value: £15.0m

Front elevation1 9n48
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