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Hamilton Road Church

New Build | Community
Hrp church wijl
The Welcome Centre is part of the Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church complex and contains a reception, open foyer and event space, church offices, meeting room, dedicated creche, multi-purpose room, kitchen and toilets. It has opened the Church up to the wider community and is used on a daily basis. Designed as a single storey pavilion on the side of the historic church, it's architecture by Hall Black Douglas is simple modernism clad in a smooth stone. An internal lightwell provides an open airy environment to the foyer. The building also connects the front vestibule through to the rooms at the rear of the church - and provides a front door route through the pavilion to the existing halls complex in the rear backland. The structure is a combination of load bearing masonry and steel frame, with slender steel columns discreetly located away from continuous glazing runs, and clever cantilevers within the roof structure providing a column free appearance.

Architect: Hall Black Douglas

Photography: Mervyn Black

Hrp church wijl
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