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Kathy Tyndall

Marketing Assistant

DD: 028 9592 4644

In June 2023, Kathy joined Design ID, bringing her expertise in marketing to infuse creativity & cohesion into Design ID and 23LR's digital presence. With a passion for creating an enhanced brand experience, she has set her sights on making 23LR a community shared workspace in Hillsborough.

Before Design ID, Kathy studied Marketing & Public Relations in Liverpool. Upon graduation she travelled extensively, before returning to Ireland. She dedicated her heart & soul to the students at St. Vincent’s ASEN Secondary School in Belfast. In this role, Kathy provided unwavering support to students with ADD, ADHD & ASD. Prior to that, Kathy was in professional services with a global law firm. Here, she showcased her skills in marketing, balancing roles in Business Development & Client Relationship Management for the ASEAN jurisdiction. From childcare, outdoor education, to marketing, sales, and event management, Kathy has the experience.

Fun Fact: Kathy has been put though a baggage scanner by airport security.

Kathy T