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0012 p5r3
This project involved the restoration and replacement of 1.1km of coastal path and associated access structures, including 22 footbridges fabricated from high strength and extremely corrosive resistant Duplex Stainless Steel. This was to restore as close as possible, to modern day safety standards, the original design of Berkeley Deane Wise from 1902, and to refurbish the access route with new handrails and coastal protection Design ID provided Contractor Design services to the D&B Contractor, DNC Fabrications, who worked directly for the Council. This followed on from Simon Lamont's involvement through the original design Contract in 2012-13 for the design and construction of the bridges and pathway against the cliff face. The commission on this occasion involved the refurbishment of some parts of the path which had suffered damage from rock falls, and to upgrade the path provision further for the high visitor numbers the council were receiving. The design included requirements for the prominent features of the path to be demountable, and replaceable, so that it could be taken out each winter, and replaced each spring, allowing for high risk rock fall events to happen without damaging the infrastructure. Access and H&S concerns were paramount in the design process, as well as fitting around small construction windows outside of the protected bird breeding seasons. In particular design included using Duplex Stainless Steel, a relatively new material for construction, and working with the stone of the cliff face in providing robust and demountable connections.
0012 p5r3
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