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New Production Facility for Caterham

New Build | Industrial
A3 view 01 cqms
Located in Hingham, Norfolk, with Feilden & Mawson Architects – Design ID are providing full Structural & Civil Engineering Design Services. Providing over 7000m2 of production floor area across two levels, the client required a clear and flexible space. With a height of just under 11.0m to the eaves, and a clear overall span of 45m, Design ID arrived at a single span steel portal frame as the optimum structural solution. The vast first floor is uninhibited by columns, allowing a minimum clear working height of 4.5m at eaves and even greater at the ridge. The first floor is designed to span up to 16m, resulting in only two rows of internal columns from ground to first floor – flexibility is paramount, and with such a light touch of vertical structure, the result is a truly flexible production building With the requirement for flexibility to suit the clients needs both now and in the future, our aim was to take a highly complex production operation and marry this with a very clean, efficient, and highly detailed flagship facility. Our approach was to provide a space that was genius by its simplicity – allowing us to focus on those key details that resemble a clinical approach to industrial processes – a shop floor that is as much client facing as providing a clean, safe and versatile workspace. Exposed steel beams and columns are aligned in perfect rows, and consistent depths. Our eye for detail means every bolt is set-out and every rib in the floor flows in a single direction – a highly regular structural rhythm. Environmental considerations coupled with legislative requirements drive sustainability, and at Design ID we engineered a true SUDS approach to drainage. Complex piped surface water systems and main sewer connections are simply not required on this new development. Facing the challenges of an increase in hard standing coupled with the overall building plan area, at Design ID, we are allowing nearly all the rainwater to be stored in shallow stone infiltration basins. Rainwater on the main building drains through a series of swales that serve both an engineering role whilst providing landscaped features and encourage bio-diversity. The result?….for nearly a hectare of hardstanding, a single 150mm diameter overflow pipe to the main sewer that will barely be used over the next 100 years.

Client: Caterham Technology

Architect: Feilden + Mawson

A3 view 01 cqms
Caterham 1 jt1w
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